onsdag 7 september 2011

Space Invaders high score list hack

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The space invaders high score hack adds a high score list to Space Invaders, the arcade version, when inserted in the original game code.
Two high score list screens are added. One before a demo game begins and one after a player is game over. If the players score is high enough when game over occurs an enter initials screen is shown.

The hack has been developed using a game version using four 2Kbyte roms. 

The time and effort put into this was greatly reduced by using the thorough disassembly comments by Chris Cantrell at http://computerarcheology.com

Game over screen

High scores shown before demo screen

Enter initials screen

spacehigh000.zip source and patch in hex format. Does NOT contain any roms.
I have only tried this in MAME so there are NO guarantees that it will work on the real hardware.
spacehigh001.zip source and patch in hex format. Does NOT contain any roms.
This version has been successfully tested on real Midway L-shaped hardware strapped for 9316 EPROMs. The f chip was replaced with a ST M2732A.

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